Wed Oct 23, 2019


 We consider volunteering at JJM as a ministry by us as well as a ministry opportunity for those who volunteer. We encourage those who are coming for help to volunteer. In this way, they have an opportunity to not only be ministered to but to be part of the ministry to others.
The same is true of volunteers from the community. Some have time or talents that don't match the opportunities at their local church. Helping at JJM gives them a place to participate in a work of Christian mercy and outreach.

We currently have over 100 volunteers on our schedule. Most volunteer for 2 or 3 hours a month. Others are here weekly. We still have a couple volunteers who have been working with us since the early days at the Herrema house ( almost 20 years).

Much of the volunteer work involves sorting and packaging food or sorting and organizing clothing. Some clean the facility. Others help with the distribution. Many of those who come for help need more than just food on the table. Therefore, a key group of volunteers during our distribution time are those who can be there to befriend, encourage, advise, and pray with those who come for help. 

If you are interested in volunteering at JJM, please CLICK HERE to see a copy of our volunteer sign-up sheet.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

- Bi-Lingual "people-persons" on Saturday mornings who enjoy greeting, directing, and sharing Christ' love with those who come for help.

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