Wed Oct 23, 2019

Migrant Outreach

In the summer of 1998, the Lord led us to participate in an outreach to some of the migrant workers employed by Zelenka Nursery and living on the north side of Holland MI.

For the next 10 years, "going to Zelenkas" was a regular part of our summer schedule.  Almost always going out to the "camps" with food, we were able to establish a relationship of trust and build friendships with the people in this migrant community. Those relationships, in  turn, allowed us to bring others who could minister to them in a variety of ways - clowns & puppets, Bible lessons, and Bible distribution for the children; musical programs and Bible distribution for the adults; annual "Events" that involved people from area churches and included food, clothing, programs, games, and testimonies; and sometimes, just going out to visit with those who have become our friends.

For most of those 10 years the Herremas and JJM played the lead role in going out to these migrant workers, bringing others with them to minister in ways besides providing food for the body. Yet, we have felt for some time that we were called to be a means through which Holland area churches with a ministry to the Hispanic Community could come in and establish their own ministry amongst these dear people. In addition, during this ten year span the size and time demands of our regular ministry work have continued to grow, so our ability to be out at the "camps" has become limited in recent years.  

Even as you read this page, we at Jehovah Jireh Ministries aren't sure what the future holds regarding our work with the migrant workers. We were informed this summer (2009) that Zelenkas was no longer employing migrant workers, but were using local help instead. We have notified churches that have come out with us in the past that we feel it is time for us to transition from a lead role to one of assisting them in their ministry with area migrant workers. We wait on the Lord to show us what our involvement with these workers will be in the future.

Of this you can be sure; even if the Lord would draw this work to an end, what has been done in His name and for his glory will not be in vain, and the people we've ministered to will be a cherished part of the the JJM story.





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