Wed Oct 23, 2019

Food Distribution

As you might quickly surmise, JJMoWM began as a food ministry. From its small beginnings as an irregular distribution of surplus food from the home of Jim & Sharon Herrema, this ministry has grown to provide free food to around 200 families each week.

How does it happen?
Of those 200 families, about 175 will come to our ministry building; the other 25 will receive their food through families coming to the building. These people, who pick up food for others, serve to extend the hand of this ministry. The first time someone comes or calls, we sit down with them and gather enough information to know who they are, know what their needs are, and begin to know them as a Christian friend.

When does it happen?
We currently have two regular distribution times - Wednesday afternoons from 12:30 to 6 PM, and Saturdays from 8 Am to 1 PM. Emergency food pickups can be made on other days by special arrangement.
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday are currently our intake / donation days.

Who makes it happen?
Each week an average of 45 volunteers help the Director and one part time employee take in, sort, process, and distribute the food, as well as care for the facility.   

What kind of food? 
Unlike most food pantries, the majority of our food is usually perishable items. Fruit, vegetables, dairy, meat, frozen, and bakery items are the majority of a mix that is a little different each week, as the vast majority of our food is donated surplus food from wholesalers, grocery stores, truckers, and local farmers.

How much food?
In 2012, an estimated 720 thousand pounds of food was donated to JJM. About two thirds of that amount is distributed to families from our facility, or when it isn't suitable for human consumption, it is passed on to farmers. The other third is shared with a network of food ministries who in turn share their "excess" with us.







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